About Us

405 Motorsports Inc specializes in custom upgrades for rappers, rock stars, athletes, and sports legends. Located in Los Angeles, 405 Motorsports Inc is the premier custom car company to turn your vehicle from ordinary to extraordinary.

The 405 Team

  • Changing the game
    Stevo, CEO of 405 MotorSports Inc, is an artist with a flair for “jaw-dropping” design. He specializes in bringing the unexpected “WOW” factor to each custom creation. With years of experience in the custom car business, he has worked with premier companies such as 310 motoring, West Coast Customs, DA Shop, and many more. Stevo understands what people like and he knows how to develop and communicate those ideas, so he and his team can make them a reality for you. His integrity, superior discipline, and elite knowledge of the business keep him on the cutting edge of innovation in an industry that is ever changing. ┬áStevo is only outweighed by his desire to ensure that his clients receive the best product and the best service. Stevo provides every client with the highest level of professionalism and personal attention that is needed to arrive successfully at their destination, via 405 MotorSports...creative force of course!

  • Where it all started